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Moving Tips - Moving Supplies Checklist

Moving supplies are an essential part of your move. Packing using the right supplies can make all the difference in whether your valuables are moved safely.

Planning is key when it comes to moving. Don’t make the mistake of simply guessing at what supplies you will need for your upcoming move.

Moving Boxes – What size and how many will I need?

When it comes to determining how many boxes you’ll need, it’s better to err on the side of overestimating. Packing for most people comes down to the wire and you don’t want to chance running out of boxes and having to make a “box run” the night before or day of your move.

There are many sizes to choose from and determining just how many boxes you’ll need can be tricky. Here are five factors to help determine how many you will need:

  1. Number of rooms

  2. Number of years in the home

  3. Number of people in the household

  4. Square footage

  5. Kind or change of lifestyle

A good guideline to consider when determining the number of boxes needed is: a typical three-bedroom home will require 70-150 boxes, depending on how full your rooms are.

  • Small boxes – These are great for books, kitchen spices, office supplies, glassware and other delicate belongings.

  • Medium boxes – Medium boxes are the most common and can be used for items like dishes, small appliances and other household items.

  • Large boxes – Large boxes are great for lightweight items blankets, pillows, clothing and other light household item.

  • Other boxes you may want to consider are electronics boxes for your home entertainment devices, lamp boxes, picture boxes, dish packing boxes, and wardrobe boxes for clothing.

Protective Wraps

  • Bubble Wrap and Foam Wrap Sheets – Bubble wrap and foam wrap sheet work well for fragile items such as glassware, dishes, electronics and other fragile household items.

  • Packing Paper – Clean packing paper is great for wrapping less fragile and inexpensive items.

Other Packing Items Include:

  • Packing Tape and Dispenser – Use a good quality, heavy duty packing tape when packing your items and a tape dispenser can make the whole experience easier. Make sure to buy enough tape, you’ll use more than you expect.

  • Labeling Materials – Labeling your boxes and bins can take the guesswork out of the moving process. You can use a Sharpie and simply write on the boxes or you can use moving labels and color code your boxes or you can use masking tape to label the boxes. Whatever you do, be sure to label the boxes on multiple sides.

  • Scissors

  • Box Cutters

  • Plastic Baggies

  • Gloves

Appliance and Furniture Moving

If you’re transporting furniture and/or appliances you may want these supplies:

  • Furniture Pads

  • Furniture Covers

  • Dollies and Hand Trucks

  • Toolbox

  • Stretch Wrap

We understand that even during these unprecedented times, many people still need to move and need help to do it. That’s why Above Average Moving is open for business is continuing to conduct business as usual while adhering to new safety protocols and guidelines as directed by our governmental and public health agencies.

Need packing supplies? We can help. View our packing materials here.

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Above Average Moving

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